Dr. Kent Hansen, WSU Assistant Professor of Health, Exercise and Rehabilitative Sciences, was recently quoted in the Healthline article “Skipping Breakfast Before Your Workout Could Help You Burn Fat.” 


The article looked more closely at a new study published by The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism by health scientists at two Bristish universities, showing that exercising before breakfast can boost health benefits for people, including burning more fat and helping control blood sugar levels.  


Specifically, the researchers found that those who exercised before eating breakfast experienced a positive impact on their health because their bodies responded better to insulin, potentially reducing their risk of heart disease and diabetes. Hansen states in the article that the overall public health message could be that a person does not necessarily have to lose body fat to become more sensitive to insulin and reduce their risk to disease. “Let’s say genetics dictate that you’re a bigger person,” Hansen is quoted. “The public health message would say that even though you don’t lose weight, you can improve your health with a method similar to this.”


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Roberta Kennedy

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